First Costco, now Tchibo?

Several months ago I posted about finding "Costco" in Beirut--except it wasn't a real Costco.

So, I was prepared for something similar when, the other day, I found Tchibo here in Beirut. If you've never lived in Germany you might not be familiar with Tchibo--though they're in a bunch of other countries too. They sell all kinds of kitchen, household, and clothing items--and in Germany the shops usually (always?) are combined with a cafe.

Inside the shop the products were exactly what I'd expect to see in a German Tchibo. Prices were great, and I had to try very hard to resist the urge to immediately buy leather boots and jackets, tablecloths, fun Christmas decorations, new plates and kitchen appliances, rain coats for my kids, and an array of nice shirts for me.

I think I'm going to take myself back there soon.

I've done a little google research, and Tchibo's corporate site lists no locations in Lebanon at all. So, now I'm left wondering if they're the real thing or not . . .

It's literally two blocks down the hill (toward the sea) from TSC Jnah. It's combined with a shop quite a lot like TJMaxx (Brands for Less) which had a decent selection of clothes for men, women, and kids.


  1. LOL - now this is too surreal!

  2. Ausgezeichnet! Warum nicht ein bisschen einkaufen...

  3. where's TSC Jnah? From say, Hamra?

  4. If you look on the Brands For Less site they say they have "the Tchibo franchise": http://www.brandsforless.org/ (WARNING: the site home page plays music at you).

  5. And if you click on the Brands For Less store locator and then Lebanon, there seem to be three stores in Beirut, though I don't know if they all have Tchibo.

  6. Leif, Du kannst Deutsch? Naja, warum nich?

    Nick, to get to TSC Jnah, follow the corniche road south, past the public beach. When you get to a large under-construction resort, turn left, headed uphill away from the sea. That road will take you to TSC. Brands for less/Tchibo will be on the street just to the north, parallel, running oneway back down to the sea. Also, there's a map of their location on the brands for less website. The link to that is in Armitaj's comment. Good luck!

    Armitaj, thanks for the link. It did not occur to me to look for Brands For Less online.