It's Electric

I like this little group of fuze boxes, I like how they're grouped. The little spaces between them are interesting to me, as is the paint peeling everywhere.

Plus, there's a little bit of poetry in the gentle sweep of all that wiring.


  1. I love seeing your windows and doors - so different compared to what I see here in my city! That's the benefit, the interest of these CDP blog photos!
    Bravo, Mary Ann!

  2. I really like the theme of your blog - it's little things like this that excite me too. I wish I had taken pictures when I lived in the Middle East too! Just an excuse to go back I guess! Do you have a blog about life in Beirut or just this photo one? Jasmine :)

  3. Hi Jasmine, thanks! Very rarely, a detail or two of life in Beirut will turn up on my blog. Truthfully, blogging essays is far more work than uploading a photo and usually photos are all I can manage. Living in Beirut is a full time job after all. :)