A Lot Going On

This is a photo that I unabashedly love and for so many reasons. It's full to bursting with lines pulled in every possible direction. We've got wires ascending and wires descending, they're hanging and swaying, snaking up the wall, falling back on themselves, draping, cascading, bunching here, stretching there. And then there's the radiant mid-day sun casting hard-edged shadows everywhere.

And then there's how typical all of this is here in Beirut. The street light, the yellow electric pole, the generally French architecture of nearly every building from this era. It's a lovely, lovely thing.


  1. It is utterly amazing that anything electrical works at all in Beirut, with all the incredible spaghetti birds nest tangles of wires there. I hate to think how many people must get electrocuted annually with all the rickety installions of wires.

  2. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! Thanks for keeping me entertained and enthralled with your fantastic photos of Beirut.

  3. Owen, it's all a matter of perpective, isn't it? Makes a girl feel downright lucky to have power at all.

    Nigel, thank you! I had a wonderful birthday and I'm so glad you like the photos.