Too many times I've sighed over this gorgeous palace. It's built into a steep hill, and once upon a long time ago, I'm sure it had a panoramic view of the sea

The city has grown up arround it, as cities are wont to do. That's changed things. But one thing that hasn't changed is the gate keeping the outside world out

It keeps me out just as it does everyone else.

Which is why I can only show you a little bit of this wonderful place.


  1. Is it now a museum? Or a private residence? Or abandoned? I wonder what it looks like inside...

  2. Wow, that's beautiful! I'd love to bring that banister home. (Nice shot, too, with the curve of the banister leading up to the windows.)

  3. A palace, how magical.

    Ferns certainly like humidity, and light not direct sunlight. They are perfectly happy as indoor plants. But don't trust my advice too much, mine usually die from lack of water.

  4. Do you have any idea who lives there? Makes me want to know the house's history.

  5. Hi all, thanks for the nice comments.

    Leif, from what I can tell it's still a private residence, still in use, I think. It looks well kept from the outside.

    Pam, it's that curving staircase that makes me love it more than other similar houses.

    Joan Elizabeth, thanks for the fern info. We're trying to keep them going in the house.

    ODP, I really don't know who lives there. I'd also like to know more about who built the house. Everyone who had the resources to build a house back then was someone important, or so it seems.