Positive Psychology

In the Hollywood classic White Christmas, Bing Crosby's character sings a song to Rosemary Clooney about how he deals with anxiety-driven insomnia. It's actually a highly forgettable song, just filler like many others in that movie.

But, since I've brought it up I'll go ahead and tell you that Bing Crosby's character overcame his worries by counting his blessings. If he's running short of cash, he remembers times when he was broke and then things seem better. It's a simple exercise in positive psychology, choosing to notice the good in life and allowing that to encourage happy thoughts and well-being.

It works, at least that's what the social scientist say. And I'm inclined to agree with them.

It's what I'm doing with this picture.


  1. I just popped by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a lovely day.

  2. *chuckle* ... I take it one step further than that. First of all, I have to stop and acknowledge out loud that I am focussing on the negative and letting it get me down. Then I deliberately go about looking for positive things to do and to think about.

    Has worked for 63 years thus far, so no point in stopping now.

  3. this photo is such a great representation of that thought process. hope there aren't any kids playing on those balconies, but aren't those palms lovely...

  4. Sounds like good medicine... just need to find time for a wander out and about to go spotting some of those wonderful moments. Failing that at least we have your blog :)

  5. White Christmas is such a classic! Counting blessings is a great idea for sleepless nights too:)

  6. Thank you all for your nice comments. I'm only now getting back to blogging and I love hearing what you've had to say about this photo.