I'm afraid this place must be abandoned, forgotten. It's falling apart, of course. Plants growing up between the stones aren't a good sign.

The general state of the place is a shame because there are such amazing details here, the carvings around the door and the shaped window openings, the delightful balustrade too.

So what do you make of the jeans? Were they abandoned as well? They could have been. Or, maybe they're just hung up to dry and the place hasn't been forgotten after all.


  1. You may just have to go knock on the door to try to shed some light on this mystery... and to ask if you can do some shots inside... would love to see more... Looking at the state of that balcony, I'm not sure I'd want to stand on it either, let alone pull out the plants growing there... looks like it is ready to collapse !

  2. WOw.Frightful. Nice shot though.

  3. Maybe the jeans belong to someone living downstairs in another crumbling part of the building but where the rain doesn't come in. I've noticed lots of buildings have occupied ground floors (even when they look derelict) maybe squatting workers, or maybe those protected low-rent arrangements which mean landlords can't be bothered to invest in the property. But people will climb to the highest point (the roof if possible) to dry their clothes. Can you keep the building under surveillance to tell us if the jeans disappear? :)

  4. Well, maybe once the rain lets up I'll go by again. I'd be interested to see if the jeans are still there.

    It isn't always obvious how to get into older buildings. Things at street level can be completely blocked or obscured by other buildings. But I'll investigate a little. Plus I'm a far too wary to try anything remotely risky, such as entering a building that might have squatters in it and that might be structurally unstable.