Mary, Mary

I grew up in the US, in an area with Catholics, Protestants, and plenty of others though their numbers were small. But, because I was rooted within the community of others I looked around at the world from that position knowing not much about what everyone else believed.

It's funny how those things look different as a grown-up. As a kid I felt irretrievably different from everyone else and now I see most of that was in my head. Not all of it, just most of it.

I suppose that experience informs my understanding of Lebanon.

Candles for sale in Achrafieh.


  1. I was in the others too ... Christian others ... it took years for me to realise that while my mob had its quirks lots of other denominations had theirs too and the similarities were bigger than the differences.

    1. Joan Elizabeth, that's it exactly. I wish there was a way to have a sub-culture with a sense of community identification without the flip-side of alienation and estrangement.

  2. That photo certainly looks Roman Catholic to me...all familiar objects of church icons.