The Tallest Buildings in Beirut

Here they are, a few of the tallest buildings in Beirut:

There aren't many buildings in Beirut that have more than a dozen or so floors.  In this photo, the tallest one, the squarish  Platinum Tower, is 152 meters high and is currently the city's tallest building.  The pointy one is Marina Tower, and it is 150 meters high.

But a kilometer or two away near Sodeco, Sama Beirut is under construction. It's anticipated that it will be completed in 2014 and rise to a height of 200 meters. It's hard to imagine what that will look like.


  1. Ah, I remember walking along there... and the apartments in such buildings cost a pretty penny, as I recall...

  2. I guess it will look ... um ... tall. Sydney has only become tall since the 1970s. All it takes is one and they grow like weeds around it,