To You, To Me

I took these pictures in Achrafieh. The building is just down the street from where I once lived. That seems like a lifetime ago.

See the face at the base of this baroque-looking over-the-door ornamentation? What does it say to you? Is that a look of serenity? Haughtiness? Contemplation, introspection, placidity, indifference? Is this a wise, knowing face? Or is it the face of innocence, youthful ignorant bliss?

For years the world has gone by, literally under the nose of this funny little face. I can't help wondering what I'd look like if I'd been up above a door for as many years, what sort of expression I'd have on my face.

And what would it be like to go through this door every day? A lifetime of coming and going, arriving and departing, alone or with friends and family. What effect would it have to pass beneath that face over and over again?


  1. Such fancy, lovely details in the buildings architectural ornamentation, Mary Ann!
    I'm back from visiting the Jaipur Daily Photo blogger and his wedding in northern India

    1. I've enjoyed your travel/wedding photos. Amazing! And I'm terribly envious.

  2. Looks very GRAND, like a Royal House....Very elegant and stylish!