Blue Danube

When we returned to Beirut a few weeks ago I could hardly stop myself from noticing all the things that have changed. New this, completed that. Improvement here, progress there. The city is rising, and it's an impressive sight.

But then again, I've also found myself pulled toward the things in the city that haven't changed. I was delighted to find this building the other day, just as I remembered it.

I felt something both comforting and sustaining when I found it: my most favorite run down, time-worn, decrepit building, still standing. I know there's no sense hoping that it will always be here. Even if a miracle saves it from demolition someone sooner or later will renovate it, and that would be just as bad because I like it just the way it is.


  1. It has so much history and character! If walls could talk! Is the Blue Danube Pharmacy still in business?

  2. Just remember you are in Beirut, it may stay the way it is for a long time.
    Grandpa Dan

  3. I agree with your text, Mary Ann. However, gorgeous as it is to look at and to photograph - I would not want to live in it.

    Your photograph is wonderful and most certainly does "urban decay" justice.

    Welcome to the CDPB community.

  4. I'm pretty sure the building is totally uninhabited and well worthy of the wrecker's ball. I'm just glad that I got there with my camera first.

  5. I have never been to Beirut, but this shot says " location-location" and it reminds me of a film....
    Interesting to read and see your blog!

  6. I was in Beirut 2 weeks ago,I stayed 5 days ,it was my first visit and I loved ,loved Beirut.And after visiting the city I found myself simply searching about it .I found your blog and immidiatly reading the pages,when I came across this picture I decided to write.I dont know why but I really liked the picture, the building, the blue color.Nice shot.

  7. belhi, I'm so glad that you wrote. Even happier that you loved Beirut. Take care.