Where Buses Go To Die

There's a funny little graveyard for busses, trucks, and trains not far from the Beirut River.

There's a wonderful public park in the Sioufi neighborhood overlooking this graveyard. Our kids loved playing there, our six-year-old even remembered it from when we lived here before.


  1. Is the graveyard just getting larger or is there an eventual recycling plan?
    Grandpa Dan

  2. Now THAT'S what I call gridlock! I wonder if all major world cities have a similar graveyard. I always thought that city buses were on-sold to small country towns who needed a bus. Or something.

  3. I'm not sure what the eventual fate of these buses will be. I can say that the condition of this graveyard appears unchanged since 2004 when we first arrived. The busses in service around the city look nothing like these, so I think they must be a legacy of bygone times.

    Hi Julie. Welcome, and thanks for linking to me.