Colors of the Sea

In all the places we've lived in Beirut, we've always had a view of the sea. It constantly changes. If it's smooth like glass during breakfast it will likely be shimmering by mid-morning and tumbling and rolling by noon. It changes color with the weather or time of day, transitioning from aquamarine to a deep blue and then on to a milky grey.

Sometimes it has stripes.

Usually when I look out at the sea I feel like it couldn't possibly really be there--that massive expanse of water constantly churning and changing. I'd more easily believe that it's some kind of optical illusion or an elaborate camera trick, computer generated.


  1. That picture really does capture the changing nature of the sea in that region. It would be interesting to study the dynamics that create such variety. I am glad you keep your camera nearby.
    Grandpa Dan

  2. In my island, Madeira, in Portugal, sometimes, when the rain comes, we similar collors, with this brown.
    Your photo are very nice with all those blue collors.
    Paulo Camacho