Corn on the Corniche at Night

To the well-known and oft belabored divisions within Lebanese society we can add the following: there are those who eat corn on the Corniche, and then there are the others who roll their eyes as they issue repeated protests. That stuff is germ-ridden, sure to make you sick, filthy, they tell you. Don't eat anything those people have touched.

The other night when we were out, the kids were terribly disappointed that I didn't have any money at all. They wanted to buy an ear of corn. They've eaten the stuff more than a few times and they love it. And no, it never has made them sick.


  1. when i come visit you, i intend to buy corn

  2. some of my favorite Russian food was from street vendors like these.

  3. I can back you up on this one. My four kids love the corn. Don't know exactly why but they do. To me it seemed a little dry for my taste but definately no food poisoning thus far.