Dress Rehersal

Yesterday, as we were driving all over town, we were stopped to allow a military convoy to pass.

I took this picture through our very dirty windshield. Dress Rehersal, I figured. Lebanon celebrates Independence Day in a week, on the 22nd. They've already started assembling huge banks of bleachers for the crowds that will surely turn out to view the military parade.


  1. What is the general feeling of the people around Beirut to the military display? Are they more secure or do they think it is just a show with a lot of bark but not much bite?

  2. Lots of countries do military parades. In the US we have airshows which is the same kind of thing. I think citizens find it reassuring, to see that their government can and has provided for the common defense--has means to protect their people. It promotes national pride, I think.