Across the street from my favorite junk shop, they're digging out a basement for a new highrise.

I liked how it looked, the power shovels and their newly created void.


  1. That is one great big hole or void as you say. Destruction has to take place to make room to create some wonderful hill rise concrete construction, but that is progress.

  2. Wow - Tennyson would have loved to have seen that!

  3. Are they still pouring the concrete on site or are they bringing in preformed support structures? It always amazed me how the structures I saw when I was there were built with all the support structure on site rather than the concept of bringing in preformed support structures. The time to build takes longer with construction on site but it does seem to be more personal to do it all on site.
    Grandpa Dan

  4. Katherine, I wonder what Tennyson would think of the noise--it is a delightful racket.

    All the buildings that I have observed are going up without pre-fab anything. Even rebar is cut, bent, welded, shaped on site. I'm not sure why--maybe it's just too difficult to get large, prefabricated pieces through the narrow, crowded streets. Or maybe it's something else entirely.