My Favorite Junk Shop

Before I even get started with this, there are few things you have to know. First Beirut is a city of boutiques. It's easy to find artisanal, luxury anything. Harder to find general day-to-day stuff. I'm talking about things like that springy thing that keeps the toilette paper in the holder, screws, or binder clips. They can be really hard to find unless you go to my favorite junk shop.

Junk, because none of what they sell is a really great quality. My favorite because sometimes quality is NOT necessary and this store has nearly everything. Inside there are three floors packed with mundane (and marvelous) household what not. Their things are inexpensive (prices start at 500 LL ~ $0.35 USD, and that's rounding up), so when I need something for the house I always check here first.


  1. Plus junk shops are just cool to look through :0

  2. It sounds like a one stop flea market all under one roof. Or would it be Lebanon's version of WalMart? You can only tell by how many couples go there on Friday and Saturday night for "date night" after getting their paychecks. Looks like fun none the less.
    Grandpa Dan