In the Cathedral

On Thursday we went to a concert here in the Saint George Maronite Cathedral, Downtown Beirut.

I took the picture before it started while we were all waiting . . . and it was worth the wait. A group of musicians from Austria, Germany, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria played a fascinating arrangement of music by J.S. Bach, what Art Director Vladimir Ivanoff called an "Arabian Passion". The musicians gave a spirited, memorable performance. I'm glad we went.


  1. What a heavenly photo of a magnificent cathedral! I play violin and love the classical composers music!

  2. What a lovely setting for such an event. How do they oranize so many musicians from so many different countries in Beirut? Are they visiting artisans or is there an organized group in Beirut?
    Grandpa Dan

  3. Ah, Lief, a fellow violinist. I can't imagine that I would enjoy concerts as much without my own musical background . . . or maybe I would just enjoy them differently?

    Beirut has a philharmonic--they're quite good. We might go to a concert this weekend.

  4. What a beautiful place to enjoy great music.