I Thought I'd Lost You

Fabric stores. There's just something about them, for me anyway, because I sew. All that variety, so many possibilities. Walking through a fabric store isn't too different from browsing stacks in a good research library. There's the allure of hidden treasure.

Farrah, on Hamra Street.

I went looking for this store right after we arrived, and my heart sank. The place was completely shuttered--no sign of any life (or business) there at all. On a lark I went back the other day, and as you can tell from the picture, they were there after all. I'm not working on any projects right now, nothing on the horizon either, but if I want to, it's good to know they're here.


  1. Well, did you find any fabric treasures for your sewing stash at home??

  2. There's a great store in Gastonia, NC that you might want to check out one summer.

  3. Great shot, hope you found what you were looking for.