One of the cool things about Beirut is that, throughout the city, you can find recycling receptacles. They're the green and white dome-like things next to the fellow on the bench. You can bring all your old glass, metal, plastic, paper, etc. and throw it in. Heaven only knows what they do with it all--do they process it in Lebanon or ship it abroad? Do they actually recycle it? Even in Germany there were rumors that the recycling was just thrown in a landfill with everything else, so anything's possible.

When I went out to take this picture, I originally was only interested in the recycling containers. But these ones have a uniquely wonderful location, and I had to include some of that. Behind them, a historic mosque. In front of them, the Corniche and the wide open Mediterranean Sea.


  1. Go green! Recycle, reduse, reuse! Are "eco-bags" catching on there?

  2. Great photo, you've captured the energy of the street so well, I feel like I am actually there. One of my favorite things about this community is seeing everyday life scenes in places so different from my own. Oh, it looks warm there too. :)
    I followed your link from the CDP Facebook page.
    - Mitch in Minneapolis

  3. Let's hope they actually recycle them.

  4. Eco bags . . . you can get them in the big grocery stores (where I don't shop). I've got a few and should use them more.

  5. We have pretty much the same here in Barcelona, but I have never heard of a recycling plant here...

  6. Isn't that near the starting point for our lovely morning runs? About where the people were always doing their stretching exercises and playing, what was it? Badminton?
    Grandpa Dan

  7. Hi Mary Ann,
    The Lebanese youth media outlet Hibr Lubnani would like to republish this blogpost in its paper, in the Sept issue, which is focusing on green issues... Can they? Please can you email news@hibr.me ASAP?

  8. Never heard of what they do, if they recycle it abroad or just throw it. but i do know that there is no recycling plant anywhere in lebanon. I think they sell it and send it abroad. The pic u took is Raouche corniche, thank u for posting that. I love my country but I hope we, lebanese, will start recycling more as its rare around here.