Soap Charms

Soap originated in this part of the world many centuries ago. It's still made the old-fashioned way in Tripoli and Sidon. The Audi Foundation maintains a lovely, informative museum in Sidon that shows the complete soap-making process.

Throughout Beirut it isn't too hard to find soaps just like these.

Here they are, all dressed up for a special occasion. You can buy the same soap in an unadorned box too, but these photogaphed better.


  1. Soap makes a wonderful gift; such variety in the photo!

  2. I am so glad to have your Beirut Pursuit blog address. How funny, I was waiting for an update from you...how did I miss this? Glad to see you are having such a wonderful adventure!

  3. Like a flea market in and of itself these garlands of soaps.

    Soap becomes such a squelch in a plug-hole, though. Ugh ...