Fancy Doors

It's fun to look at these doors--they're so scallopy, swirly, loopy, check-marky. And the symmetry isn't too bad either. I can see all kinds of funny things in there--mickey mouse and a lute. What do you see?


  1. Y'know ... this is what I try NOT to do. To imagine figures out of images, be it balaustrades or clouds. I like to see what IS there rather than what my upbringing might convince my brain to see. I love the colours and the swirls of the originals.

    In my part of Sydney, I am surrounded by wrought iron fashioned around balconies and verandahs and fences. But it is all very masculine. Whereas there is a feminine delicacy to what you show here.

    There I go making societal judgements myself ... woe is me.