Very Grey

Grey, like a rainy day or make up wearing off. And yet, permanent and lasting in ways that the weather and remnants of last nights adventure can't rival.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on the Nelson Daily Photo!

  2. Hi, Mary Ann.
    I love looking at your pictures, especially your captions! You have a potential to be a good writer I see.

    My name is Santy from Jakarta Daily Photo. I'm going to visit Lebanon in the first week of April. Would love to get some travel advice from a fellow city daily photo blogger. I'm trying to decide where to stay (hamra, rouche, or other area). Perhaps we could even have a quick meet up? Email me when you have the chance, sdjuanda[@]gmail[dot]com

    PS: I seriously think you should write a book!
    Or maybe you have? :-)


  3. This text is at a different level than your normal text, yes? The makeup wearing off is an insightful analogy, and able to be worked on. I like it lot.

    I like a lot the way you have looked at the image you are working with. It is a beautiful image for line, structure and colour. Superficially, it appears so even/mono which forces a thoughtful person to have to delve more deeply into it.

    The angle is absolutely intruiging.

    Another blogger (whom I meet in a couple of weeks) provided a link on one of the threads in the portal, to an online method of creating a book. I am considering using it at the end of 2010 for some of my "Riffs". You may like to consider working toward something similar.


  4. I am blocked from commenting on your old blog. Here is what I wanted to say.

    The Sontag quote leaves me speechless. She connects things in a way that is totally foreign to me. I do not define adulthood in that way at all, rather that is a journey to adulthood that is incomplete.

    What I really want to ask, is what happened to the thesis?

    I followed links on your current blog, to see if you ARE a writer but were not able to bring yourself to write at the moment for some sort of psychological block. You are an .. mm ... an art historian? Without going deeply into this blog ... that is my guess. Your choice of images in your current blog shows a very mature and educated artistic eye.

  5. I'll have to look at the thread you suggest, Julie. Thanks for the directing me to it.

    I had turned off commenting on the old blog, since I'm not updating there anymore. But I've changed the settings to allow it. Thanks for your feedback.

    It took me the better part of three years to finish my MA thesis. Life, war, babies all got in the way. But I finished it and got my degree. When it was done I had nothing left. My brain was tired and a little sad that all my work resulted in something so very forgettable.

    But that passed and I think I've recovered. I have a BA in Art History, and did my MA thesis on Sally Mann--a photographer I can't praise enough. Her landscapes are arresting, and she's also an excellent writer.