Wild West

Mostly, I take pictures of things that I notice by chance. This was not one of those times.

This building stands along a major thoroughfare. I've seen it many times, and I recently took myself on a delightfully long walk for no purpose other than to see it. From a distance, driving past in a cab, it looked to me not unlike so many other bullet-riddled buildings in the city. Seen that way, it called up all the expected images of Lebanon's civil war, street violence and snipers and rubble.

But this time I was on foot, standing directly beside it. While I was there, I got a powerful feeling of the old (American) wild west. Cowboys, Saloon girls, outlaws, tumbleweed, cacti, drought, lonesome country, big sky and ghost towns, all there in my mind clear as day.


  1. Were you wearing Cowgirl boots? Another great photo, Mary Ann!

  2. Wow, it certainly does make you think of the wild west.

  3. Leif, ha! No. Flip-flops. They're part of my urban uniform.

  4. Love it. Derek and I are huge fans of old western movies; this could easily be used as a movie set.

  5. It is sad, isn't it, to see and urban landscape shot up so.

    I love the decoration dripping from beneath the overhang and that one lone, singular open shutter.

    An image that tells of loss in so many ways ...

  6. You have quite an imagination!