Will Thrive

Those of you who read my St. Louis blog may recall my struggles with dandelions. In my garden I carried out a ritualistic purging if not a genocide each spring. I systematically, doggedly rooted them out of my yard.

Of course, it was a futile effort. They're tenacious, more so that I am. Dandelions will thrive, and and they'll even do it in Lebanon.

Though I've had my battles with dandelions and likely will again I can't help but love them blossoming at this window.


  1. What a treasure is this post, Mary Ann!

    This is the life's purpose of dandelions: to brighten up the seedier areas of life. Yes, in a garden they detract from beauty, but in a derelict part of a city, they enhance it.

    This is such a gorgeous image, containing so many of my favourite thing with each element contributing to the overall effect.

    I did not know you had a St Louis blog. I will go hunt.

  2. Wow!!! If there was ever a beautiful dandelion, this HAS to be it!