Here for you today, another set of three windows on a traditional old house near downtown. One of the three windows is completely obscured by that enormous blooming something. Even with broken glass, I'd love to look out of these windows and see it heralding spring.


  1. It is fit to burst with those tiny fruits. Could it be a variety of fig? They would grow in your climate, yes?

  2. The fruit is very delicious. They grow here, south of you, and we call them shesek. The old-timers still call them askaninia, so maybe that is the Arabic name?
    In English, loquat.

  3. Ah! In Lebanese Arabic, Akadenia, perhaps? I see them in the markets all the time in this season and I had no idea they had an English name. Thanks, Dina! I wish I could say for sure if this is the fruit blooming on the tree in my picture. I'll just have to go back and check.

    Figs, oh indeed we have figs! There is nothing more decadent than a perfectly ripe fig. My husband has very distant relatives who grow them (and practically everything else) in the mountains.

  4. Oi, sorry, in the end I misspelled what I meant: askadinia. So you have heard it akadenia? We are getting close .... hehe