Weekend Relaxation

Afternoon, warm sun, friends, relaxing in Sanayeh Park, Hamra.

If you want to go to the park, here's a little map with some landmarks. Hamra Street is up parallel to the top edge. TSC Plus at Concord is in the blue circle. The red square shows the perimeter of the park, the arrow shows where the entrance is.

Sanayeh park is filled with mature trees (palms and others) and the many wide, paved pathways are lined with benches. It's a perfect place to ride a bike, read a book, kick a ball around, etc. There is play equipment in the park (slides, teeter-totters, etc.) but a lot of it needs repair.

This is a public park, no entrance fee. I think it stays open from sun up to sun down every day. A guy with a whistle lets you know when it's closing time and everyone has to leave. You can buy coffee, bread, beans (and plenty of inexpensive plastic junk) from venders near the entrance. Oh, and there are hundreds of pigeons to watch, feed, chase, or avoid as pleases you.


  1. What is a teeter-totter? A see-saw maybe ... plank of wood, person either end, fulcrum?

    That map is beaut, but not as beaut as the light in your photograph. Your light and your family grouping. I like this a lot. On my writing blog tomorrow I am hoping to have a photograph I took today of two little boys running through a park. I have yet to compose the text.

  2. Hey, so you DO have pretty places!
    Pretty photo of it, too.

  3. Julie, yes, a see-saw. Maybe teeter-totter is a regional mid-west American thing. Looking forward to your riff.

    Dina, I'm glad you think it's pretty. I assure you, Beirut has plenty of pretty. It's just that photographing it is not my passion right now.