lines, planes

I grew up in the suburbs of the suburbs of St. Louis, a mid-size mid-west city in the US. We had backyards, not courtyards. This courtyard, near the Basta neighborhood of Beirut is rather typical: antennas, wires, windows, lots of different structures jutting out in all directions.


  1. Hmm, that's a good way to contrast the two different ways of life. The individualism of American backyards to the togetherness of courtyards.

  2. Sadly, the lines that run through my neighborhood look similar to this! What an interesting community to photograph though! Thanks for visiting Tillicum Daily Photo!


  3. Thank you for using the word 'plane' here. I helped my eye to cut through. It is a delightful mish-mash of stone and cement ... such a different world.

  4. What a great composition and slice of living you bring us. I think the courtyard and structures have a beauty all their own...

    No matter where we live, there are slices of beauty.