Along John F. Kennedy Street

Funny, how some days I don't have anything to say.


  1. I hope the Arabic is more enlightening than the images: Dylan, Marley, Mickey and the royal finger.

    I would think you were speaking voluminously. Why oh why did they name it this?

  2. When I was Beyrut was a legent!
    Very interestig city.

  3. Your world is so different from mine, utterly fascinating.

  4. I'm not sure if I have understood your comment, Julie, and so I don't how to respond. I guess I'll just unpack everything and see if any of it is an answer.

    I really couldn't think of a fitting caption, and my quip of text was completely intended as a tacit admission of the same. But reading it now, it seems almost like a feeble joke or a criticism of the stuff in the frame.

    I don't know why the street is named after John F. Kennedy, but I do know that the side of the street pictured in my photo is the side with relatively little graffiti. I took this picture standing very near a cement wall on the other side of the street. The wall forms part of the perimeter of the American University campus. This wall is, in practical application, a street-artist's canvas. Every so often someone (the university, the municipality?) comes in and paints over all of it. I've decided that the powers that be do this to give the artists a clean slate, because they waste no time 'decorating' it anew.

    I can't read much Arabic (shamefully, still), but I'm pretty sure those aren't supposed to be Dylan or Marley, though Mickey is always Mickey. The finger is an odd one, because the image of the palm of the hand with an eye in the center (like this one has) is to ward off the evil eye--this one, warding off the evil eye with a prominent middle finger, is I suppose . . . adamant?

    And of course, this picture features so much of what I'm drawn to photograph in any case. There's that lovely doorway and iron gate, the wires hung about and the deteriorating wall streaked by rain run-off. I also liked the colors on the wall that divide the scene into three distinct, uneven spaces.

    So, all that was in my head before this post went up, and I couldn't reduce that mess into a cohesive idea to share. Anyway, Julie, in the end did I answer your question?

  5. I am the same, sometimes we should just let the images speak for themselves.

    Thanks also for this last comment.

  6. Well, I am sure you DID answer my question, however, more's the go, we had a lovely waltz about the wall and that was delightful. I am going to respond more obliquely in future, if this is what I can winkle out!!!

    I have a wall for you next Monday ...