Mini Shop

He's there most days, taking a bit of mid-morning sun.

There's something about him, even if I can't quite put my finger on it. Looking at this picture, I get the impression that nothing in the world could roust him from that chair.


  1. What a great capture of light, tones and mood. A beauty.

    Thanks for visiting me.

  2. This is a delight - you know that, don't you. A delight ... and for why?

    He has shoved his chair back against the post so that he can rock just a wee bit. He has the pot plant (Mrs storekeeper WILL be peeved) just at the right length for his legs. And he is drying his towelings on the other bedraggled plant. What a treasure he is.

    Now to the store. Local equivalent of a 7/11? Packets of crisps on the right? This is more well kempt than your usual fare.

    If he were a cat, he'd be purring ...

  3. Maybe he's retired? Then every day is a Saturday!

  4. This man's profile reminds me of Grandpa Keller.

  5. He has the right idea. He looks "fanaan."
    Great photo.

  6. Hi all. No, I don't think he's retired. I'm pretty sure that's his shop. If it is, he knows when to catch a few moments of 'me' time, in other words, he know when people come, who they are, what they buy, and where they live.

    Yes, the shop is like a 7-11. All the fast food junk and what we call 'lebensmittel' in German. Its general store type stuff, light bulbs, bread, etc.