My kids were born one day shy of exactly two years apart. Yesterday was the five-year-old's day, and today, I have a just-turned seven-year-old.

So, again, here's a picture from five years ago to celebrate. This picture was taken during my father-in-law's visit. That's him holding my first. She was then just two years old.

My husband took the picture, and that's a first 'round here, y'all. And a last. My blog, my pictures. Except today.

The little garden where this picture was taken directly adjoins the Roman baths that were excavated in Beirut's downtown after the civil war. In the past five years, this spot hasn't changed at all. In a city where so much churns, evolves, contorts and transforms, the permanence of this little garden is a bit unreal. It makes five years feel like a heartbeat.


  1. My two sisters and I had our birthdays one day apart ... a three day celebration. I guess birthday time is special in your family too with the two girls having their birthday's together.

  2. This is not what I picture Beirut to be at all. Not in the least. You are tearing down some long held prejudices here ...

    Now, to Henry Lawson.
    That list on Project Guttenburg appears to be a list of books publishd in his life-time. As he aged, his life-style (alcoholism and probably bi-polar) impacted woefully on his creative ability, something of which he was aware. I am not used to PG, but if you have to pay to down-load an e-copy I would go for "While the billy boils" (1896). I would be more interested in his short stories than in his poetry. And in particular, I would read
    The Loaded Dog
    The Drover's Wife
    The Geological Spieler
    Joe Wilson's Courtship, or
    Mitchell on Matrimony.

    Thank you for being interested.

  3. Birthday-time is special. I can only imagine three in a row.

    Thanks for the Lawson advice, Julie!

  4. I guess you have quite a bit of birthday partying going on! Happy Birthday to both of your kids! Hooorah!

  5. Nice kids, green gardens -- what else does one need?
    And newly discovered Roman baths!! Great!