A Chaotic Kind of Peaceful

Five years ago, our second child was born here in Beirut.

She's a fantastic kid, and I feel like her personality reflects qualities we've seen in the Lebanese people. She is unfailingly friendly, extends herself to strangers, loves excitement and adventure and the comfort of family. At times she is unbelievably bold, completely unafraid. She even seems to have a bit of that peaceful chaos that I hope Beirut will hold onto forever.


  1. Nice baby! She seems as well as you described her...
    Glad to see your blog. I am from Iran ;)

  2. And I will try to visit here sometimes, too. ;)

  3. That's an interesting thought "chaotic peacefullness"

  4. She looks so tiny next to that cloth diaper!

  5. Happy Birthday to her! I miss the hugs and kisses and hope to see you guys in July.

  6. This is a wonderful tribute to your daughter.

    Today ... know what ... today I listened to the heart beat of my grand-daughter.

    It is an indescribable experience when your baby has a baby ...

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Sara, I'm glad you noticed the diaper. It's shocking how tiny newborns are.

    Julie, your comment made me smile. Perhaps someday I'll be so lucky.

  8. So so sweet! Happy birthday to both your kids.
    Such a nice description of your Beirut baby.

    I enjoyed your comment just now about the twin lions. OK to publish it? Yeah, I know what you mean...