Stone Facing

It seems like most of my posts these days are following up on previously posted images. Here we go again!

This time we're following the progress of a luxury residential high-rise. A while ago, I posted a picture of some workers painting tar onto the rough cement exterior.

Now, they're attaching stone to that surface. This is done with a kind of metal bracket. The bracket is attached to the building. Pins extending up and down from it are inserted into holes drilled down into the stone facing. This keeps the stone secure and none of it is visible when installed properly.

If I ever get a chance to take a picture of the bracket up close, I'll do another follow up.


  1. I notice a disturbing lack of fall protection...

  2. *grin* ... fall protection ...

    Now that Dina helped me with the word 'scaffold' I can look at this image more easily. I think I saw this method used on the new law building at the University of Sydney.