On the Way Up

. . . continued from yesterday.

When it was our turn, we climbed into our little pink pod and began the ascent on the teleferique.

We watched the decending pods that passed by. Matthew got out the video camera.

There was a lot to see as our pod was pulled up the mountain.

See what I mean?

Way out there on the horrizon, we could see Beirut. And before we knew it, we had arrived at the station.

The kids loved the ride, and parents love happy kids.


  1. Love that view. Worth a scary ride in a pod hanging in the sky.

  2. Fantastice views and happy children! What a day!

  3. The first thing my kids said was "I want to go on that!" So maybe we will too. It looks fantastic!

  4. You have two beautiful daughters! Congratulations! Let me know if you join the exclusive "3 daughter club" ..... Ha!

    Happy Birthday to your 5 year old!

  5. This is a long way up ... up the hill and up in the air ... I would need to take a big big breath!