Yesterday we decided to take a chance on the Teleferique; a 9 minute (530m?) ride in a cable car up the side of a mountain north of Beirut.

We arrived early, but still we waited in a very long line. Popular destination. Thankfully it wasn't hot. One kid was satisfied to be held by her dad, and the other was satisfied to play with his i-phone.

Finally it was our turn.

The kids were delighted to ride in a pink pod. Tomorrow, I'll post shots of the ride to the top.


  1. this looks like an adventure!

  2. I love these photos, and the candid one is wonderful.

  3. Nice family pics.
    So you get your own private pod?
    Do you have to make a mad dash to get on, or do they stop it each time?
    Sea, sky, mountains. Lovely view.