This door stands in a crowded part of town that I often pass through on foot. Each time, I notice it. It's a beauty.

Trouble is, most days it's obscured by one or more cars. Like I said, that part of town is crowded. But luckily, finally, beautifully, there were no cars obscuring it this time.


  1. You had good luck.
    The colors, the shape--it looks like out of a fairytale book.

  2. I makes me realise that there is much older beauty in the city ... much I guess which would have been destroyed ... or mowed down in the path of progress.

  3. This is very beautiful! Good decoration, epecial arc on the top...Thnks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous door and graceful wrought iron cap. Is this the entry to a private home or a business?

  5. I am wondering what's behind ... . Nice photo with its moderate colours and the black iron peacock-like ornament as an eye-catcher.

  6. Came over from Dina's blog.
    Love the iron work above the door. Lebanon reminds me on a fellow grad. student from the past -he had the talent to infuriate his class mates, but he took a liking to me, and gave me all his notes for a major exam (it may not say much to you, but it was a generous gift on his part).
    Since I missed your history, are you in Lebanon because of your hubby's job, or...?

  7. Even the electrical cabling is symmetrical. It is quite quite gorgeous. What is the blue stencil on the RHS?

  8. Oops! Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Here are my belated answers to questions:

    Oakland and Martina: I've never seen the doors opened, so it could be that they're never used at all. I think this building is residential, and I know it's upper floors are occupied. It could be that the ground floor serves as workspace/storage for neighboring businesses.

    Jeannette: Welcome! I'm glad you passed by. The short answer to your question is yes. He works with computers and can therefore work almost anywhere.

    Julie: the blue is the typical house number, 39 in Arab and Western numerals--it has been mostly obscured by paint, so it's harder to make out.