In the Window

I recently walked past this shop window with lots of traditional drums piled high with shiny brass horns.

The shop window reflects the balconies on the opposite side of the road.

You can see lots of other reflections from around the world here.


  1. I REALLY like this window! I wasn't sure which was the reflection, but, now I can see it clearly. Very nice.

  2. What a terrific reflection and such a great capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mary Ann!


  3. beautiful shot
    the balconies compliment the objects in the window
    it's all perfect

  4. thank you for offering a "look of what might go on inside" the flats belonging to the balcony. please have a wonderful weekend.

    daily athens

  5. I love the instruments within the reflection. Extraordinary photo.

  6. I'm with Beth - I love the instruments inside the shop, with the reflection superimposed over them - a truly extraordinary photo!

  7. A cello and tarabukas - interesting combination.

  8. Really like this shop window, and could not help but think of the lines in Bob Dylan's old song She Belongs To Me, which say :

    "Bow down to her on Sunday
    Salute her when her birthday comes
    Bow down to her on Sunday
    Salute her when her birthday comes
    For Halloween buy her a trumpet
    And for Christmas, give her a drum."

    This is the perfect place for making that song come true...