I love this. I don't want to stop looking at it.

It was such a beautiful place, and so distinctly welcoming. Every inch of this doorway is a joy. To stay there and gaze all I wanted was squarely within the realm of the possible. I could have.

It was possible but not practical. If I had stayed to continue taking it all in, it would certainly have ruined the day for my kids. They rely on me, you know. And it very likely would have made the residents of this little piece of perfection nervous. I might have gotten into trouble. So I took a picture and walked on.

And now, though it's nothing to the actual place, at least I have this picture and I can look all I want.


  1. It is lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Beautiful metal work on the grills of those gates... and the flowering tree doesn't hurt the view either...

  3. I think the flower is a bougainvillea.

    That is an interesting comment. Yes, we can drink it but we cannot own.

  4. It's a gate that makes you want to walk through it. Very appealing. Thanks for sharing