Up Front

Windows like this one seem very honest to me. Nothing to prove. What you see is what you get. Take it as it is or not at all.

I think I'd like to have a frank talk with this window about my life. I think it would tell me the truth. It would be hard to sit and listen to it all, but in the end I think the window would be right.


  1. Your ideas here remind me of a "truth window."
    You know about this?

  2. Seems more like a prison's window to me. I feel the urge to put some flowerpot on the windowsill. I am curious about the "truth window" Dina has mentioned ... .

    But of course you are right: definitely not a postcard photo window. Interesting.

  3. Please tell about the truth window.

    Is this what you meant:

    It's nice idea

  4. Oh yes - this is cool. And how boring this kind of window would be at our modern houses ... duuh ...

  5. Yes, like in your link.
    Tonight I'm invited to the inauguration of my neighbors' straw bale house and health farm. I'll try to publish some pictures of the truth windows.