Watch It Live

It's world cup, world cup, everywhere here in Beirut. But it's also the weekend, it's summer. It's party time. What to do? Stay in and watch the game, or go out with friends?

You don't have to choose. All over town, you can go out and still catch the game. Most restaurants have set up huge screens, so viewing the game at their place is even better than at yours.

This place, right on the Corniche, wants you to know they've got you covered. WATCH IT LIVE!, the banner says. They don't even have to tell you what "it" is.

Carry on. In Beirut you can have it all.


  1. 'It' is happening all over the world.

  2. I keep hearing about this "World Cup" thing... but what is it ???

    One blogging friend in England pointed out that World Cup can be abbreviated "WC"...

  3. Owen is a happy man!

    This is the time of year (eh, every four years) I - on one hand - feel like I should hide myself somewhere for some weeks - on the other hand I appreciate very much that every place is deserted - you can have long walks, bike tours, inlineskating, whatever, and no one is around. Everyone is watching WC ... :-P

  4. It's a pretty building. But I will pass on the Mondiale viewing. Hope their TV has a vuvuzela filter.

  5. WC--fantastic pun.

    Like most other Americans I have a hard time working up any interest in the games. I like Martina's take on it. There are advantages to be had when everyone else is glued to the WC.

  6. lol - this made me laugh so hard I spit on my keyboard right now .....