Another Luxury Floor Plan

The first floor plan I posted was pretty fancy, but this one outdoes it. I found it outside a construction site not far from the Intercontinental Hotel near the Corniche.

It has one unit per floor, unlike the first which had two on each floor. There are four bedrooms up from three, and each bedroom has its own full bath. You'll note the double living room and (if you include the balcony space) double dining.

Like the other one, this plan features a separate elevator and entrance for the maid. This was fashionable decades ago. Then it fell out of fashion and the separate entrance disappeared. Looks like it's making a comeback.


  1. Now that is a reasonable sized 'footprint'!

    The only positive is that at least a maid gets a job.

    Reminds me of the couple in the US (I think) who died in the elevator between the floors of their own house.

  2. Thinking about your next apartment ???

    This looks nice... might just do, if the view was ok...

  3. Nice one Owen. This apartment is a bit out of my league. Of all the rooms in the house, it's the maid's that appeals to me most.