Lazy B

Not long ago we went to Lazy B, a private beach south of Beirut.

In a word, gorgeous.

It was really nice, really relaxing, and best of all, I swam for the first time in the Mediterranean. That's right folks. In all our years living within a stone's throw of it, I never had actually gotten all the way in, not until we came to Lazy B.


  1. Glad you took the plunge. What took you so long? :)
    Was the water warm? Too warm?
    I hear on the news the medusas are now gone; that's good.
    Have fun.

  2. This is such a classic beach shot. Lovely.

  3. Hi Dina!
    What took me so long . . . bad luck I guess. :) Water was cold! It seems it always is on the sunny days.