Al-Amin Details

The web doesn't want for pictures of the Al-Amin Mosque. Google it. It's huge, new, centrally located, and all of that makes it an oft-photographed landmark in town.

There aren't as many shots of the detailed craftsmanship, and the Al-Amin Mosque is wonderfully ornate. Since I'm a little bit in love with details like these, that's what I'm posting.

Here's a sample, a small collage of the beautiful wood, metal, and stone work.

Unlike other downtown buildings, mosques, and churches, Al-Amin Mosque is not a historic building. For me, that makes the craftsmanship all the more impressive. It's true; they don't make them like they used to. But in this case, I think they really tried.


  1. Beautiful and intricate indeed.

  2. And lucky we are to have you to show us some details then... what's the expression, "God is in the details"?

    Very beautiful work indeed...

    Nice to see too that the beaches are clean enough to play on... there was alot of press coverage of the oil spills along the coast near Beirut when bombs were dropped from airplanes on big fuel storage tanks a few years ago...
    So nice to see people can enjoy the beaches in the Summer...

  3. The collage in itself works very well - emphasises the geometrical patterns.

  4. Beautiful craftsmanship.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  5. Owen, it's either god or the devil. I've heard both.

    Sorry for the delayed response--I was web-less for a while there.