Spices in the souk in Sidon, half an hour south of Beirut.


  1. I love the displays of spices found in other countries.

  2. love the natural shot of this and i must say that you have a head turner pursuit. :-) hope you all are well. cheers!

  3. Beautiful, can almost imagine the sweet and spicy smells !

    Did you go to the soap museum perhaps ? And the chateau fort in the water ? We stopped in Sidon on the way down to Tyr. Have you been to Tyr already ? Well worth the visit, the hippodrome and roman cemetery adjacent to it are out of this world.

  4. That's a weird contrast with the politics posters in the background.
    But the big ol' spice bags are the same all over this side of the Globe, no?
    I love them and the smell:)

  5. Hi NicoleB and myfingerscrossed. Welcome!

    I've been to those places, Owen, but it's been a few years. Last time I went to Tyre my kids were babies, and babies (bless them) are such a distraction.

    I'll have to go back, camera in hand.

  6. Nice photo --- now we just have to imagine the aroma and taste.