Noticing a Trend: Another Floor Plan

I took a little walk while waiting for my car to be washed in Ramlet el Baida, a neighborhood south of Beirut. Along the way I wandered past this floor plan outside a construction site in the neighborhood.

It's spacious and chic just like the others floor plans I've posted. It also has a lot of balcony space off the main living areas that (I think) lends itself to living fluidly between inside and outside. I like that. In addition to the double living room (which are formal, for company), this one has a separate, informal living room, which is nice. That's where the TV goes, and the family with it.


  1. So many bathrooms!

    The photo looks interesting with the "real" construction site in the background.

  2. Think I like this one best of the three so far. There appear to even be flowers on the table... nice touch.

    Just posted a couple of photos for you if you have a moment...

  3. Long live outside life!
    I'm not surprised that the "maid's room" has a separate access and is the size of an en suite bathroom (normal by Lebanese standards!), and I'm sure she can do without the bidets in the other bathrooms, but where is she supposed to shower? In the basin? Maybe the shower is a nozzle over the whole tiny bathroom. A "wet room" but less chic.

  4. I think you're right about the shower, Gerogia, it'll be the type that just gets everything soaked--which makes the bathroom so much less pleasant. You can't keep anything in there.

    I had a hotel room in Italy once with a shower like that. Not fun.

  5. 4 and a hlaf bathrooms, oh my gosh...awesome.