Downtown Beirut has many beautiful churches and mosques. It also has this ruin, a church that was badly damaged during the civil war. I've heard conflicting reports about its fate, and as always I'll keep my fingers crossed for preservation.


  1. It is particularly sad to see a house of prayer damaged by fighting.

    Enjoy your special summer time!

  2. They will fix it (I hope) eventually. There's such a new awareness of preservation and how important it is, and I can see things everywhere in Lebanon being fixed. It's slow, but it is happening.

    Does anyone ever talk about the synagoge that is being renovated? Maybe you could get a picture of it. There's a nice BBC clip about it on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr63qbj3aEg&feature=related

  3. I can only imagine what is it like to be living in a war torn city being slowly rebuilt.

  4. She was a heavenly beauty in her day!

  5. A while ago I read a report that there was a synagogue under renovation downtown--but that was all I knew, and I didn't have any idea it the report was accurate or where to find it.

    Thanks so much for the video. Maybe I'll be able to find it now that I've seen an exterior shot.

    I was surprised to learn that Judaism is one of the few recognized, legal, official religions in Lebanon, though I shouldn't have been.

  6. Those scars... scars of infinite pain, the pain of incomprehension, intolerance, leading to hatred and mayhem and murder. No walls were sacred, bullets and bomb shards are blind to religious ideals, human ideals, blind to everything in their path while leading their short, explosive lives. Leaving scars. Leaving pain, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

    The people who survived those times bear similar scars, whether visible, or not.