Construction leftovers are a common sight in Beirut. Huge wooden spools are probably my favorite of the leftover stuff.

Maybe I like them so much because we had something like this when I was little and my siblings and I used it as a table. I wonder how long this one will go unclaimed.


  1. I like it, a bit like the land of giants.

  2. I hope you don't mind that I referred to you as an American "who very much enjoys taking photos in Beirut."

  3. And they make "kaablaat" out of "cables"? Interesting.

    Yes, I've seen them used as tables, too, many times. I would like to have one inscribed like this one.

  4. Martina, you read Arabic? What other hidden talents do you have?

    Mustapha, I don't mind at all. And I'm nowhere near finished with Beirut. There's so much I haven't attempted yet.

  5. :-D

    I find it very interesting how languages adopt vocabulary, what genus a language attaches to a foreign word etc. cable could be silk, too, سِلْك - but perhaps this is old fashioned ... ? Don't know. So much for my hidden talents, grin.

  6. I'd love to claim it.
    Meanwhile, I salvaged a small one from the local cable TV company. Just the right size to put my router on.