See it? The basket hanging from the rope, just to the left of the red lettering? Do you want to know why it is there?

So, all sorts of things are sold from trucks and carts (and people on foot) on the street. People live on those streets, sometimes in apartments multiple stories high. And if there's someone on the street selling something you want . . . what should you do? By the time you make it down there, they'll be around the corner, off to some other street. No. There's no time for that. Instead, just shout out the window. Lower your basket with the money for the things you want, and then haul up your stuff.



  1. Well, firstly ... it took me absolutely ages to 'see' the basket ...

    That is such a great method ... so ingenious ... and I bet it caught on really quickly ... probably been in operation for centuries ... yes?

    really like this ..,

  2. Who knew? Great bit of information.

  3. What a great idea, I might do that from our balcony here, only thing is nobody ever comes by selling stuff.

  4. That is a pretty cool system. One of those things you would not expect, but totally makes sense.

  5. That 'basket' just yells LEBANON.

    It's such a Lebanese thing to do that.