Pushing Along

During the summer you can get lots of different things on the Corniche. There's corn, beans, the ice cream truck, fresh squeezed juice, you can smoke a water pipe, there are coffee vendors, and of course, kaak which is sold by men with bikes like this one.

As I've written elsewhere, kaak is a round bread with a hole in it like a handle. It's a common street food.

While I was there, I saw this man push his heavy-laden bike along. I still haven't ever seen anyone ride a bike like this.


  1. I always wondered whether there was a science behind placing kaak on the cart and then handing them to customers, you know, to keep the balance of the cart so as not to fall on one's face. Keep looking I'm sure you'll see people riding the bikes :)

  2. I would love to try kaak; I love exotic breads!

  3. Do you put anything inside the kaak? Might be a smidge dry ...

  4. Maya, I'll definitely keep looking.

    Sara, I think you'd like it. It's usually baked with sesame on the outside. The edges are crisp and the inside is chewy.

    Julie, people put ground herbs inside (sumac or thyme) or a kind of white processed spreadable cheese. It is dry, so people wash it down with nescafe.