Quiet City

The thing about Ramadan is that the city is very quiet all day long. There isn't as much construction noise, there aren't as many people out or cars on the road. Parking is like a dream come true.

As the city creeps toward nightfall everything changes, albeit slowly, like one season giving way to the next.


  1. I like the light here and the pedestrian.

  2. Nice photo and an unusual opportunity to observe.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. Hi Mary Ann,
    so interesting to have discovered your blog. How many people live in Beirut?
    The atmosphere of this city seems complex...all those reminders of recent and past history and the ongoing building and the new!

  4. I really enjoy this photo. You can just feel the low rumbling quiet that often comes with a side street. The light and long shadows add to the feel. Very good.