Beirut Exhibition Center

On Christmas, a lot of Beirut shuts down, but a lot of the city continues on it's merry way and it's a good thing it does. Think of all the families with active children--families like mine.

After a nice slow morning at home we went to Beirut by Bike downtown. While the girls rode bikes, I wandered over to this place with my camera:

Huh, I thought, because I hadn't been here before and didn't know anything about the place. Since I was with my kids on bikes I couldn't exactly investigate further.

But one thing I knew for sure: cool typography for the sign.

Once we were back home I went to the web where I found the following information about the Beirut Exhibition Center:

1. The artist who designed the typography for the sign is named Mary Choueiter. I like her website, which has many more pictures of the sign at the Exhibition center, but (and this was a real treat) she also has a photo up of another project that filled me with envy such as I have not felt in a very long time.

2. The Exhibition Center has a website, but it's a work in progress.

3. Arch-Times did an article on it complete with great photos and even an image of the architect's model.

Ah, Christmas and modern architecture--two of my favorite things.

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